The selection of Snacks on offer in an establishment is seen by many as important a decision as the drinks offering itself. At Inn Express we’re proud to offer a choice of premium snacks that can suit any style of venue.

One question we are asked is ‘how do I sell more snacks?

Well, we have taken the expert advise from the guys at Serious Pig who have given us some key points to consider when offering snacks to your customers.

Key points to maximise your snacks sales:

  • Staff knowledge of products and brands is key. Give them a taste so they can suggest a favourite
  • Offer customers the chance to taste some new flavours
  • Have all snacks displayed clearly and at eye level and where they can be seen by all of your customers.  You cant sell them if they are  tucked under the bar or around a corner
  • Variety helps draw attention.  All of our snacks have great looking packaging so show them off!
  • Replenishing snack displays regularly to keep things visually appealing.  Make sure you give us a call to ask about what Point of Sale is available to help sell your snacks.

Serious Pig

serious_pigAs pub conversations go, one that Serious Pig founders George Rice and Johnny Bradshaw had in The Junction Tavern beer garden NW5 back in 2009 has been pretty fortuitous. On one of many lost evenings the pair found themselves pondering a question – what would be the perfect and most delicious snack to accompany the recently ordered pint of real ale AND glass of red Bordeaux while powering the boys through to a late dinner? Several discarded packets of crisps, scratchings and nuts later – the boys agreed that something more ‘serious’ was required and concept of a ‘Posh Pepperami’ was hatched. ‘Serious Pig’ was born the very next day!In the years since, the company has developed arguably the best bar snack available in the country and has become one of the leading producers of top quality British charcuterie – makers of premium products derived from the humble pig.

Speak to your Inn Express representative for further information.