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Craft beer and cider

The term ‘craft’ has more than one connotation when applied to craft beer and cider. It can be a reference to a higher ABV or indicate superior ingredients used and is priced at a premium accordingly. Inn Express has selected some superb craft beer and cider from around the world that will add both status & prestige to any Bar or Restaurant’s draught offering.  Additional support of branded glassware and point of sale is also available.

Inn Express stock a vast range of  Craft products and source them from some of the worlds greatest producers.  Not only that, Inn Express make a conscious effort to promote Breweries and producers from Great Britain.

These products range from Bag in Box ciders to one of a kind brews in thirty Litre Key Kegs.  These formats give Inn Express’s customers the chance to rotate from a great selection and offer guest slots to some excellent ‘drops’!

Breweries on regular rotation…

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